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You push a button and send thousands to their graves

Killing the very ones that you have claimed to save

Lust for power cloaked with all your false integrity

Helps to explain away your record of atrocities

But now it's time to pay - Your dues

Your lies have been stripped away - Forever

Exposed for your treachery - At last

Done to satisfy your greed - No more

Will you be free to judge the ones who live and die

Or undermine the freedom that you so despise

Profits from suffering corrupt your very soul

And they won't comfort you six feet in a hole



I’m a tell u all to rise

And let our voices be heard

It's time for action and we need to purge

The world a fraud

Corruption and greed

Take back the power

Never concede

No more waiting for changes

No more corporate charade

Now is the moment

When history is made

Hungry for justice

Our lives are not for sale

Empty your pockets

To try and tip the scale

This revolution

We the people demand

Our retribution

The time is now at hand

Focus aggression

On corporate media lies

Conquer oppression

It's time to open our eyes

This revolution

We the people demand

Our retribution

The time is now at hand

No more compromise - the time for action is here

Free from all the lies - and our objective is clear

Standing tall as one - with justice on our side

Fight has just begun - won't be denied

Drain the swamp of all the vermin

Wipe away their crooked sermon

No more lies

Can't rewind

Save making

And fight for this Revolution

Drain the swamp



Feeling enraged

Pushing straight through this war zone

I'm breaking free

From these chains that shackle me down

I will not give u another chance to defy me

Now this life you live will soon be lived eternally

Never giving up

Living in these lies

Showing you the truth behind these eyes

I will not now down to you

Breaking boundaries between life or death

Will you stay with me

Backing down from the shadows I enslave

They'll show you that there is no mercy

I'm breaking all the rules and igniting this flame to your face

Now there's nowhere left to hide you filthy disgrace

I'll pound this earth to ashes just to make you bleed

Now there's nothing left to say while you burn in your grave

This is paradox

Your chaos fading in

I won't break down easily



Feel the pain inside as we begin to realize

That this life we live is nothing but a mere disguise

We’re living in a dream open your eyes

And watch your back as friends and family around you begin to die

Darkened skies Crimson lakes rise upon us as bodies die

While states dictate lives

Just to deny our existence in life

Is to become slaves so make no mistake

I will not give in to hate forced upon us

Communications lost

Shut down this holocaust

I will not give in to hate forced upon us

Communications lost

Shut down this holocaust

Everything we do seems written in stone

But a book written a million times worth more than gold

So now here we try, praying for light to shine, as we let our faith decide

On who fucking lives or dies

As we open up our eyes to the truth,

Burning homes, a bloody noose, to expose the truth

That it has always been you

Covering up the proof now we're going to destroy you

I will not give in to hate forced upon us

Communications lost

Shut down this holocaust

I will not give in to hate forced upon us

Communications lost

Shut down this holocaust

I will never give in to you

Live these lies


I will never believe in you

I will never back down

I will expose the truth

Brutality of the System

We will not show them mercy

Brutality of the System

It’s time to expose the fiends



Hate, rage, discrimination you hide behind a shadowed face

Now you say this is my fault but all this time you lead me to believe

There’s no time for change now I’ll return the favor

Pushing this knife deeper into your life

No longer a bright sky and clear path for

You for I have painted your new road

Walk down and reach for the rope

Save everyone the trouble you fucking coward

Hey mister nice guy, now it’s your time to fry

This miserable life you lead, filled with insecurities

Spreading your lies and disease into our society

You will not succeed

For we have created a stronger family

Despite all of these fucking tragedies

Now is your chance to come clean

For I have sworn my vengeance

I will show no mercy

You are a fucking coward

Hate me, get on your knees

Guilty! Filthy!

Breaking down your life is done

This is your chance, go grab the gun

Show your face this once

Now is your chance, try not to run

Your time is done

This is your chance

Don't drop the gun

Pull the trigger once

Every problem we had is now gone



Preach at your pulpit from your book of lies

You play the culprit beneath your thin disguise

Espousing holiness while bathing in your sin

Blinding each soul you bless to pass the plate again

Extorting wealth from those who look for honest truth

While turning up your nose when they require proof

Hypocrisy defined every time you speak

Poison the lesser minds of those considered meek

Bow down and pray to your god now

And pray that he saves you

From all of the evil in this world

No one can stop what has begun

The end of your dogma

No time left for repentance

Dead wrong we're singing a new song

Rise up and drink from our own cup

Crippled and broken down too blind to see your fate

The jewels upon your crown thorns representing hate

Logic and reason lead us to a higher plain

Cleansed of the poison swill we drank to ease our pain

All of your victims now will own your judgment day

The first become the last to hear the words we say

Never again fall prey to your immoral schemes

Or let our prophets be degraded by the fiends

Get on your knees and meet your GOD

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